Yellowstone Areas

Canyon Villages

  • Canyon is a surprising place here in Yellowstone. It is the furthest location from any of the entrance gates, surrounded by the most diverse features, has numerous options for lodging and dining, it holds one of the more impressive Visitor Centers, and you are also within walking distance of the one of Yellowstone’s most stunning features (the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone). All of which makes Canyon a great home base for a stay in Yellowstone.
  • Grant Village

    • Is a very pleasant and out of the way location here in Yellowstone. It is a lot quieter than many of the other areas, nestled next to Lake Yellowstone, and only a quick 45 minute drive to Old Faithful or 45 minute drive to the Grant Tetons. At Grant Village you can bring a small boat and put in at their Marina, hit the Heart Lake trailhead, or wander through the West Thumb Geyser Basin.

Lake Villages

  • At Lake Village you can find a place to relax either in a camp chair by the lake or in the Lake Hotel’s Sun Room with a beverage in your hand. A string quartet entertains guests in the historic Lake Hotel on most nights, or you can go for a boat ride out of the nearby marina on the Lake Queen to Stephenson’s Island. Whether it is in a campground, cabin, or hotel room the Lake village has what you need to enjoy your stay in Yellowstone.

Madison Junction

  • This little spot is both a mark in History plus a relaxing spot for campers and travelers to get away from it all. It was one of the last places the Washburn Expedition settled down before leaving the park, which you can learn about over at the nearby bookstore. Also for the outdoorsmen, it is a fantastic spot for fly fishing, hiking the nearby Purple Mountain, or driving to Firehole Falls.

Mammoth Hot Springs

  • This looming landmark is not only a beautiful place to explore and learn more about thermal features, but it also overlooks one of the most historic areas in Yellowstone, which is Fort Yellowstone. Mammoth Hot Springs has one of the mildest climates in the park and was therefore set to be the headquarters of the Park Service within Yellowstone. It is also has the Mammoth Hotel, a General Store, and a diverse landscape for fauna and wildlife.

Norris Junction

  • Sitting many miles north of the prestigious Old Faithful and upper geyser basin is another geyser basin which also is well known for its geysers. Norris Hot Springs, named after the second Superintendent to the park, Philetus W. Norris, who did a lot to provide detailed information about the thermal features within the park. It is currently the home of the largest geyser in the park, Steamboat, which erupts infrequently and sometimes not for years. The old Solider Station, where President Carter was once stationed, is now a museum dedicated to Park Rangers gone by. Next to the Solider Station is the Norris Campground, where Campers can put their feet up while listening to nightly Campfires with the Rangers.

Old Faithful

  • Most prominent of locations within Yellowstone is the Old Faithful Area. There guests can walk or ride a bike along miles of boardwalks, or sit patiently nearby and watch as Yellowstone’s pride and joy, Old Faithful, erupts every 90 minutes. There is information to learn and movies to watch within the Visitor Center, or you can swing by one of the many shops for souvenirs, ice cream, or supplies. There are three locations for lodging located in the area: Old Faithful Lodge, Old Faithful Snow Lodge, and the Historic Old Faithful Inn. Walking tours of the Old Faithful Inn are available daily. When it comes down to it, Old Faithful has nearly everything you are looking for in your stay at Yellowstone.

Tower Junction

  • If you are looking to truly get away from it all, this is should be a stop along your way. It is one of the sleepiest locations within Yellowstone and the nearby Roosevelt Lodge is centered on the old west mindset of welcoming guests and filling their bellies. The Old West Cookout goes nightly up Pleasant Valley to a picnic area where they serve guests as much stake and cobbler as they can eat. Also north-east of Tower Junction is Lamar Valley which is known for being a great place for wildlife sightings. Tower is known for the nearby Tower Falls and rock formations. At the same location is a comfortable sized general store and a quaint little campground to boot. With the addition of the sprawling trailheads in the area, Tower Junction is a great place to get away and hide for a while.