Bringing a Motorcycling or a similar alternative vehicle to Yellowstone can result in a great time, and epic trip. There are a few things to keep in mind in addition to the segment on bringing your own personal vehicle. First and foremost is the fact that you will be on an open vehicle around wildlife. Never forget that the animals in Yellowstone are not domesticated. They are never handled and humans will often make them nervous. They have been known to charge vehicles and people when they feel threatened or even just annoyed. Be careful on your motorcycle about getting too close and irritating them. Do not rev your motor when wildlife are nearby and if you have a passenger, and never be so close to an animal that you can touch them. The general rule for distance is 25 yards for non-predators, and 75 yards for predators.

Protect your saddlebags! In the park we see ravens opening zippers and buckles, deer and elk will pound on a saddle bag to get to what smells good, and a bear will just tare it open. You may want to invest in a hard plastic saddlebag or just carry yours with you when you’ll be away from your bike for over an hour. If you have food or things that smell, keep them in a backpack or purse so they can easily be removed and not be tempting to the wildlife. Even doing all that, you may still want to cover your bike in some way. Birds have been known to peck at seats to get material to build nests.

Be careful when passing through traffic. This is something all cyclists know, but it is doubly true in Yellowstone. People may be stopped due to a bear walking between vehicles. Also when people stop in Yellowstone they are even more likely to get out of their car than from rush hour traffic. Be aware of your surroundings and take it slower than you usually might.