There is a huge contrast of individuals who use airports when coming to Yellowstone. On the airplane there may be someone who looks like they just left a business meeting, and another who looks like they are ready to hit a hiking trail, and both of these individuals could be headed to the same destination. Whoever you are there are some simple pointers for each.

Bare this in mind. From doing some reading you may know that you’ll want to get Bear Spray. To be prepared, you might think to buy some ahead of time and this might be a wise notion in other circumstances. Unfortunately, your checked luggage is not the right place for a pressurized canister, especially one filled with industrial strength pepper spray. If you plan to fly in, wait till you have boots on the ground before looking to purchase or rent a canister.

Be Courteous. For either paradigm of traveler, be courteous to the other. You are choosing to cram yourself into a closed space for maybe a couple hours. Perfumes and odors should be kept to a minimum or none at all. Backpackers should be aware that leaving Yellowstone they might have a musk about them or their carry-on. Wash off that sweat and bug spray before you get on the plane. Perfumes and cologne might smell great walking down the concord, but once you get on the plane it can quickly become overwhelming.

Plan before the plane. While it’s always enjoyable to read a book about your destination on a plane try to have a general plan before that. Many think that the plane will be a great place to crack open a book and do some last minute college-esk cramming of what the park has to offer. Yellowstone and it’s 2.2 million acres deserves better than that. It is an amazing landscape with so much to offer. Prepare for your trip ahead of time and then the plan can be a relaxing refresher.

Pack it in, pack it out. Luggage will be covered elsewhere, but keep in mind that traveling through the airport you want to know your airlines weight requirements (usually 50 lbs). Leave about five to ten pounds for souvenirs. Even if you have trouble zipping up on the way to Yellowstone, will you later be able to fit the gifts for nieces and nephews on the way out? If you area reading this too late, don’t worry. Most Yellowstone gift shops do have mailing options.